Business Performance

Business Performance

Having a smart web presence will not improve performance if your people, processes and systems are not aligned and working harmoniously together in real time. What may have worked in the past is often compromised by the constant change found in today’s fast moving economy. Over engineering your core platforms isn’t the answer either; unless you want to end up locked into an expensive technology cul-de-sac with too many gaps and severely limited flexibility.

Understanding the value of operational process, you appreciate that looking inwards with a business performance perspective has excellent potential to improve competitiveness. It turns out that the ‘how something is done’ has a greater impact on competitive advantage and service level gains than the ‘what is done.’ So how do you look inward with a business performance perspective?
In our experience the best way is to adopt and astutely apply a Business Process Management (BPM) program built around enterprise class business process and case management tools. The right BPM approach can transform unconnected workflows in different applications that don’t share valuable information into an agile, uninterrupted business process that communicates and drives business content and information in and out of various applications. This level of cohesiveness achieves efficiency across both organisational and application lines — essential to excelling in today's demanding commercial world.
To become more flexible and agile in pursuit of reduced costs and improved business performance, BPM delivers benefits that provide an impressive return on investment. With an effective BPM you can expect to:

  • Optimise, prioritise and automate business processes
  • Improve productivity and business performance
  • Reduce end-to-end cycle times
  • Support business initiatives such as BPO, web presence etc.
  • Reduce resourcing costs
  • Measure and analyze processes in real time
  • Improved analytics
  • Extensive operational and strategic reporting
  • Cost-effective agility regardless of core application development cycle
  • Platform for continual process improvement and evolution

 At eCom, we understand the challenges a business faces to improve the efficiencies of complex processes. We know that implementing BPM solutions can optimise business processes and improve business performance while reducing end-to-end process times. Automated processes enable best practices and service levels and 'straight-through' processing. Human resource costs can be reduced. Legacy and new processes can be effectively measured. Managers receive extensive operational and strategic reports so they can make real-time adjustments in changing market conditions.
Overall, a BPM suite establishes a complete platform for continual improvement and evolution.
eCom has been delivering BPM programs for 15 years so we have the practical experience to help you build your roadmap to success.

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