Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
... in the Cloud

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)<br /> ... in the Cloud

A rapidly growing number of organisations are taking advantage of our mature and proven Cloud based ECM solutions to manage hundreds of millions of documents. Our eCom cloud customers can be online with system acquisition, installation and setup much faster than using standard deployments.

Our cloud based ECM solutions offers: 
  •  Advanced data capture and forms processing (can be outsourced)

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Case Management

  • Records Management

  • Portals & Collaboration

The cost and complexity of developing, implementing and supporting an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can be daunting. These extend beyond the ECM solution to; operating systems, database, servers and virtualised infrastructure, security & administration, upgrades, scalability, business continuity, integration, support, training… the list goes on.
We take care of these complexities as part of our Cloud based ECM service so that organisations of any size can rapidly deploy a wide range of solutions while reducing the project risk and costs of an otherwise complex deployment.
Combining best-in-class technologies with eCom expertise, our Cloud ECM solutions increase business agility, saves time and costs, and improves IT efficiency.
eCom’s Cloud ECM solutions are ready… are you?