The world is changing

The world is changing


Although many businesses struggle with explosive growth in the amount of information they receive and send, they understand that gaining actionable insights from this burgeoning sea of information can be profoundly useful. The prerequisite to gaining insight from information is to manage it effectively. But, while systems for managing structured information such as financial accounts or CRM records are well understood and relatively common, this is not the case for systems that manage unstructured information.

Unstructured information, otherwise known as content, includes electronic documents, paper documents, scanned documents, spreadsheets, emails, PDF’s, presentation, audio & video files, images, social networking, email, CAD drawings, graphics, models, and more. These are mostly unmanaged and reside in shared drives, local mailboxes and filing cabinets. Unstructured content is growing at runaway speeds and now represents the majority of information in all business processes.

For many organisations, content management remains an unsolved challenge. Some ignore the problem entirely. Many who do address it have not formulated an effective content management strategy; let alone execute it well. Some invest too much in the wrong places or too little overall. Some are stuck with content management systems from yesteryear that are just not up to the challenge. Some support multiple systems acquired by various departments; frequently niche solutions bought to  solve tactical problems. Collectively these disparate systems form a logjam that blocks the flow of information, integration, and collaboration. They ensure information is locked in silos of various disparate systems that prohibit a single view of the truth. These inferior solutions cannot answer questions that are essential to the company as a whole nor track information that matters. Furthermore, they contribute to common woes such as high costs, information silos, and the inability to search and reuse information. Meanwhile, the rising flood of unstructured content is exacerbating these problems.

This can be a show stopper for both the organisation and today’s emerging knowledge workers who are information savvy and demand instant access to the right information. The unfortunate truth is that most, if not all of your employees, have devices to access and work with information. They can search for information around the globe using search tools like Google. So why can’t they do the same at the office? It’s no surprise research suggests each of these people wastes around 7 hours a week looking for information; and then has little confidence in what they find. 

How do you manage all of the content across your enterprise?
Many companies and IT executives recognise enterprise content management as a strategic priority, often a mission critical one. These companies seek to approach content with the same level of discipline with which they manage other core line of business applications such as ERP’s and CRM’s.

Without a single well managed source of truth in this changing world, it is not possible to know what content must be managed. Savvy organisations are realising they need to address content management at an enterprise level with an integrated Web-centred Content solution that leverages all their information systems and serves all their content requirements.

Modern Content Management from eCom is about being able to unify, manage, and leverage all content across the entire enterprise. Content Management from eCom enables collaboration, data flow, and the availability of information for current and future business processes that we cannot imagine today. With such a system, content can be managed through its lifecycle; from creation, collaboration, approval, revision, publishing, search, and retrieval to retention, archiving, and destruction. Further, the right information can be delivered when it is needed to the right place where it is needed; where people are making decisions in the flow of business processes.

With a content management solution from eCom, organisations can implement a cohesive strategy for managing their content across the entire enterprise to unlock and maximise its business value. This allows organisations to transform content from a burden into a strategic asset that brings dramatic savings in costs, increases productivity and innovation, and significantly improved risk management.

So, are you keeping up? Is Content Management mission critical for you yet?

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