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eCom’s document management, collaboration and workflow solutions help sales teams work smarter to meet their objectives. Get immediate access to proposals, contracts, SOWs, presentations and sales collateral from any device.
eCom delivers even more for marketers who want to gain control over ‘content chaos.’ The right Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution from eCom provides the way to manage every asset; from logos and videos, to web copy, press releases, collateral and analytics.
Get Sales and Marketing teams and partners on the same page by ensuring that only the most current collateral, competitive analysis, branding and promotions are being used. Speed up your time-to-delivery for marketing plans, budgets, collateral, sales tools, press releases, product manuals, training materials — any document-creation process. Use our Training Services to get the most from your investment – and end up working in streamlined ways; seamlessly and from any device.

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