Industry update - Back to Basics

If I could summarise a theme for the current information management industry it would be ‘Back to Basics’. 
At eCom we are seeing a growing appreciation in the market about the importance of better managing an organisations second most important asset; information. We’ve experienced unprecedented growth in deploying Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to current and new customers who are now appreciating the benefits of real time access to valuable business information to support critical business processes.
More organisations now understand that if they get information management right then the results speak for themselves. Quoting one of our customer’s CEO: “How on earth did we ever manage without it?”
So how can this thinking be ‘basic’ when information management is fundamental and critical for good business? Is it because many organisations have not yet engaged with the importance of information management? With research telling us around 85% of information we now work with is unstructured, that it is largely unmanaged and that we are generating more and more of it; can any organisation afford to ignore these basics any longer?
So where is all this information? Good question.
Email and multiple attachments are choking in-boxes, shared drives are full of documents with no version control or ability to be searched by the enterprise, and departmental document management systems aren’t overly effective either. These departmental systems typically manage specific information that is a small portion of the overall information in the enterprise; thereby creating yet another information silo that can’t be shared.
In short, information is everywhere but if it is not widely accessible, it is not an asset. On average, each knowledge worker is wasting almost a working day per week because they can’t find information or their processes are not content enabled. Productivity is directly related to process and if your processes don’t integrate with your business content, you won’t get very far.
Smart organisations are realising they can reap great rewards from managing their information as a strategic asset and there has never been a better time than now. Information management technology that was once too complex or too expensive is now in reach of more organisations; big and small. However, this technology alone will not achieve success.
A little knowledge is dangerous and the marketplace is littered with “me too’s”. We can’t stress enough that understanding ECM and BPM technology is one thing, but having and knowing how to apply industry and domain knowledge is another.
As one of our senior architects said in a recent presentation, “If your staff want to find information on any subject on the planet, they use a global search engine like Google… so why can’t they do the same in the office when trying to get an update on a client or a process?” The answer is that if you don’t use the right expertise to develop and implement information management technology into a relevant and productive solution then you don’t even get to square one.
eCom has been providing best-of-breed information management solutions for over 15 years and is helping a growing number of clients turn the tables on hidden or hard to find information. Is it time for you get back to basics by talking with eCom to help you manage your information?