Invoice processing – Save money and time by processing invoices directly from email

Organisations receive the majority of their invoices via email but without a means to process them electronically, they are more than likely  printed and handled manually. eCom has just released a smart solution that redirects these e-invoices for electronic processing without the need to print or manually key invoice information.
Many organisations have considered e-invoicing but have found the costs too prohibitive and the process too complex but it doesn’t have to be that way. With eCom’s new e-invoice processing solution, users can either forward emails with attached invoices to a pre-configured email address or your suppliers can simply send their emailed invoices directly to an address such as for instant processing.
As soon as the invoice is received, an acknowledgement email can be automatically sent to the supplier. Our solution then extracts preconfigured data from the invoice and either uploads this directly to your ERP or finance system or you can use our invoice processing workflow to manage exceptions, approvals, coding, escalations etc. The image of the invoice can also be stored for instant access online whenever, wherever on any device.
What are the benefits of e-invoicing?
-          No more manual handling
-          Manual data entry is no longer required
-          No mail or transport fees
-          No printing
-          Significantly reduced costs
-          Increases visibility of AP transactions
-          Provides instant online access to invoices
-          Works with your existing technology (email, ERP, Finance solution)

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