Audit & Benchmarking

Before they became eCom customers, one organisation spent more than 4 times what was needed on their information management solution, and still didn’t get it right. Another was on their 4th document management system… which also failed to deliver benefit.

Invitation: Before you get entranced by brochures, potential supplier presentations or go to tender, talk to eCom …

eCom has helped many organisations turn the tables on low performing information management systems; from a bottomless pit of investment to solutions that deliver tangible value to stakeholders while reducing the total cost of ownership.

In our experience, the reasons for disappointing performance are some combination of a lack of information management strategy, inappropriate software and sub-optimal execution or operations. As trusted advisors to the industry, eCom’s Audit Services will help you pin point problem areas in systems and processes that prevent information flowing freely through your business. Our recommendations to reduce choke points and bottlenecks that strangle productivity can be benchmarked against other appreciative clients to ensure the path your heading is the right one.

How do your information management systems compare with others?

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