Automated Electronic Document Delivery System

Operations Manager, Consumer Finance Company
“With electronic document delivery services from eCom, we saved over $290,000 in the first year. We also improved cashflow and increased customer satisfaction. Implementation was easy and it was very quick to market.”

To prosper in the modern economy, smart organisations use technology to provide excellent customer service, reduce their costs, and build strong financial resources for their stakeholders.

Many appreciative clients use eCom’s Automated Electronic Document Delivery System to significantly reduced repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as mail processing, faxing or filing invoices, statements, purchase orders, reports and other critical business documents. They have transformed their company's essential mail into a lights out, real-time Automated Electronic Document Delivery System where recipients can choose their preferred delivery method (email, SMS or even fax). Combined with a content management solution, their critical business documents are safely stored, ready for viewing.

This popular service captures print and report files from ERP or line-of business applications and eliminates the need for printing because documents are converted into PDF format and then automatically distributed. This service supports an unlimited number of documents, as well as a variety of document types that can have different associated delivery rules. Using a graphical modelling tool, the complexity of delivery (routing) rules can vary from very simple models based on pushing documents to external recipients to very elaborate ones implementing additional functionality such as:

  • involving a number of internal or external users/reviewers (subject to required security and access rules)
  • implementing appropriate business rules at various stages of the document lifecycle
  • gathering feedback from reviewers and triggering pre-defined actions
  • implementing comprehensive document and user activity auditing that can be used for various purposes, from receipting and auditing to billing

eCom’s Automated Electronic Document Delivery System helps customers, suppliers and partners work more effectively than ever before regardless of geographical location, document type or preferred delivery method. Having the ability to automatically email or fax a document also eliminates the expenses associated with physically mailing documents - such as paper, postage, specialised equipment and labour - and can shorten remittance cycles to improve cash management.

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