Business Process Outsourcing

Process outsourcing is nothing new - and we have learned that it is not always the right answer. A major challenge with BPO is how to outsource the process but retain your business expertise. If you outsource a problem, the chances are that it will stay a problem with very little benefit to your business or your customers.

eCom helps smart organisations gain real benefit from outsourcing by ensuring that information continues to flow freely around your people, your processes and your systems. eCom’s approach is to first streamline the process or function being considered for outsourcing to gain full control and visibility. Then, if it is the right thing to do, the process can be wrapped into a document, content and workflow framework to be outsourced with no loss of core expertise. In this way, knowledge of the process remains with you; where it belongs.

As business process specialists, eCom can help you streamline your business practices. We’ll show you how we have helped other organisations implement effective outsourcing strategies that:

  • improve business performance
  • automate business processes
  • gain visibility and insight
  • reduce process and business risk
  • improve compliance
  • save time, money and resources

Our BPO expertise covers business processes from procurement and invoice processing automation to application, forms & loan processing, claims, document scanning and management, mailroom operations and more.

To outsource or not to outsource; if this is the question then talk with eCom today about our BPO Services to get it right.