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Acting on the right advice at the right time is critical to your organisation’s success. Both the volume and complexity of information content is growing at an explosive rate, and the information management industry is developing at pace. Whether you are just beginning or are already well advanced on your information management journey, these drivers make it increasingly important to use the right approach, the right technology and the right services for successful information management outcomes. To do this; you must get the right advice about this specialist field.

Information and content management is about understanding how people, systems, and information interact. How do you identify, prioritise, select, refine and use the best tool set for your content management needs? How do you establish and maintain the right governance & content management policies to ensure your valuable content is captured, stored, managed and re-used efficiently? How do you extract the best possible value from your content by developing and using the data models and content type definitions best suited to facilitating dynamic re-use?

Our eCom Consulting Services provide the right information management advice at the right time. We work with you to create a comprehensive content management and business process management strategy, select or refine your information management tools, establish effective governance and management practices, and build the detailed data models and content type definitions to maximise the value of your content.

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