Document & Data Migration

Implementing a document and content management system is the first step in gaining control of your organisations information; both structured and the rapidly growing unstructured information. However, bringing together all the disparate information that currently sits in silos all around your organisation can be a major challenge.

According to a recent industry survey by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 72% of large organisations have three or more content management, repository management, or document management systems; and a surprising 25% have five or more of them. Unfortunately many of these systems are specialised and operate as disparate information islands that trap data for specific purposes rather than make information readily and easily available for use throughout the organisation. This observation confirms that many organisations lack mechanisms to capture, share, search, and leverage content across their business.

As the information flowing through organisations grows in both volume and criticality for business success, it is increasingly important to find cost effective ways to rapidly capture, and extract value from large amount of information that can be managed as a single co-ordinated source across the organisation.

Take advantage of eCom’s knowledge and expertise coupled with industry leading capture and migration tools to make this key part of the modern Information and Content Management journey a lot easier.

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