Scanning and Data Capture Services

Do we practice what we preach?

Yes we do; we use the technology we understand and sell ourselves for our Scanning & Data Capture Services.

Are you still at war with paper? Are you manually keying information from paper forms such as applications, invoices, loans, dockets, claims, HR and other documents?

Like all unstructured content that sits in silos around organisations, paper based information can be captured and managed more effectively when it is in electronic form. eCom’s document conversion expertise and technologies convert paper based information into digital assets for employees and knowledge workers to securely access and utilise.

eCom has over 15 years’ experience in providing high speed document and data conversion services that extend through to intelligent forms processing to unlock value from the information contained in paper documents. eCom clients use our scanning services to streamline their business processes, improve productivity, performance and operational visibility - thereby reducing their total document management costs while maintaining or improving their service delivery.

In our experience the key to a successful document conversion service is to start with the end goal in mind; and then apply our proven conversion methods and innovative technology solutions. This is why our eCom team starts with best-practice services to first understand our client’s requirements and then provide the highest quality of coded data from scanned documents that is available in the industry today.

Let eCom show you how to quickly and cost effectively reduce your paper dependency by using our Document Scanning and Data Capture Services.

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