Accounts Payable Automation

The return on investment for some clients has been significant, with clients being able to absorb increased business activity (additional 10,000 invoices per month) without the need for additional resources. Other clients have been able to reduce AP staffing levels by 70%, in spite of a 28% increase in work volume over a two year period.

Key capabilities of eCom’s AP Automation solution:

  • Capture exceptions management (invalid supplier, invalid PO etc.)
  • Automatic matching (within tolerances) and automatic routing
  • Manual matching of PO based invoices (one to many POs)
  •  Delayed matching and re-matching
  • GL coding of non-PO invoices.
    • Selective GL coding presentation based on user role. (Translates to Finance system GL coding)
    • Validates against the assets database
    • Self-learning GL coding for repetitive invoices
    • Automatic business unit assignment
  • Approval framework (single level for PO, two levels for GL)
    • Line level
    • Delegation (out-of-office)
    • Delegated authority (approval by admin or PA)
    • Split invoices
  • Dispute framework for both PO and GL invoices at the line level
  • Automatic escalation
  • Credit notes management
  • Urgent invoices facility
  • Workflow archive for auditing for compliance
  • Auto save, package unlocking & timeout management
  • Messaging/event notifications
  • WIP reporting with month end accruals

In-house or outsourced deliverable

Organisations that proposer in today’s economy are doing more with less.
They understand that leveraging and improving existing systems, decreasing business transaction cycle times and getting more value out of resources is vital for successful business operations. Companies are evaluating their operational efficiency with greater scrutiny, looking for ways to improve productivity, drive down costs and gain competitive advantage. eCom offers a range of Back-Office Solutions can contribute to this key area of strategic importance to every organisation.

In a paper intensive and manual process such as Accounts Payable (AP), eCom’s solution delivers tangible benefits by reducing accounting costs; reducing AP FTE count; improving cash flow reporting; real-time transaction visibility and measurability; improving compliance and better supplier relations.
Our solution has been benchmarked as best in class.

It is tightly integrated with leading enterprise content and Business Process Management (BPM) platforms to reduce paper dependency and increase operational efficiency across the enterprise.
Yes, it is important to automate as many of the invoices coming through the door as possible with EDI and capture technology (faxing, imaging and optical character reading OCR). However, major value can also be gained from implementing the management capabilities of these solutions; management that includes routing/workflow and decision support.
With eCom, both the operational and management capabilities of our AP Automation solution are astutely applied to:

  • Reduce cost by around 75%

  • Improve productivity

  • Leverage existing technology investments

  • Reduce the complexity of ERP solutions

  • Strengthen controls and improve compliance

  • Enforce common processes across multiple ERP’s and shared services

  • Improve collaboration both internally and externally

  • Improves visibility providing real-time accurate reporting

  • Improve cash flow & accrual reporting

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