Banking and Finance

Enhance the customer experience by integrating content with applications to deliver a more personalised, consistent service across all touch points.

  • Facilitate streamlined operations with a single, integrated view of the custome 
  • Better manage your business processes and gain visibility into process inefficiencies
  • Real time reporting and audit trail of all activities in the system
  • Leverage existing applications with rich integration

Improve your customer relations with information management and analytics.
Successful strategies that work well for financial institutions include:

  • Growing the average number of products per customer
  • Retaining existing customers and attracting new ones by improving the customer experience
  • Reducing risk and costs

Yes; new opportunities and challenges require new solutions, but few institutions are willing to replace their infrastructures completely. It is preferable to leverage and enhance the rules and practices that already work while adding new tools to help meet the demands of new marketplaces.
eCom’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and case management solutions are attractive for Banking and Finance because they accelerate content and case based business processes while reducing costs associated with risk management and regulatory compliance. Process and case driven activities collect information about origination, settlements, customer issues & disputes, complex credit granting, special pricing requests, fraudulent transactions and identity theft. Thereafter documents, data, content, collaborations, policies, rules, analytics and other information can be manage throughout the entire process life cycle.
eCom’s ECM and advanced case management solutions work well for financial services organisations because they:

  • Streamline information sharing and information access across all business lines
  • Speed the pace of operations for increased productivity and reduced operational costs
  • Achieve a complete, 360 degree view of the customer with a single version of the truth
  • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings and increase the value of client interaction with self-service capabilities

Customer information solutions from eCom integrate unstructured data and streamline processes to provide a more consistent and personalised customer experience across multiple channels. Sophisticated analytics deliver valuable insights on improving customer profitability and combating fraud by helping identify potentially fraudulent transactions in real time.
By bringing together your people, systems and processes, we can help you create a more flexible, trusted and agile information management platform for improving decision making and gaining significant cost efficiencies. Call eCom to discuss a unified approach to customer content management that can position your organisation to address new market opportunities, business models and partnerships.

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