Central and Local Government

Central and Local Governments today are dealing with increased complexity, broader mandates, higher demands for transparency and increased expectations for the timely delivery of high quality services. As government agencies continue to move toward converging technologies and shared services to provide a greater number of personalised cost-effective online services, they face real challenges of outdated technology, inefficient internal processes, islands-of-information and lack of internal collaboration.
Many government agencies and related suppliers also face the challenges of effective case management; managing all of the documents and processes needed to make informed, just and timely decisions about the individual cases they manage and the people they assist.
Information and document management systems in various central and local government agencies and departments have often evolved in different ways at different times. This has resulted in many non-collaborative silos that use incompatible technologies and practices; so it is not always possible for people in one part of government to use information, documents and processes developed in another. This unfortunate heritage often produces less-informed decisions, more issues, frequent cost escalations, decreased productivity and compromised customer satisfaction.
To provide and higher quality and more timely services, central and local government agencies need to take advantage of better information management that incorporates a mix of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), integrated Business Process Management (BPM), Advanced Case Management (ACM) and Content Analytics (CA).
The right information management solution from eCom can help government access and manage content regardless of how it was created or where it resides, streamline and automate processes and foster collaboration to deliver better services across agencies and to the public.
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