Engineering & Construction

Imagine working with a single, unified platform that combines content, case and business process management for internal use and is also a powerful and easy-to-use solution for online project collaboration.
Managing all business content and communications during a project lifecycle is critical. But how do you bring together all this information into a single platform that works with your systems and processes AND can also be extended to suppliers, partners and customers for collaboration without breaking the bank?
A turn-key solution built on proprietary software that is difficult to customise and provides only a partial solution to your unique challenges?
How about an industry standard enterprise platform that includes document management, business process & case management and portals for collaboration that is configurable to your specific requirements.
eCom’s solution for Engineering and Construction unifies all your information with processes, systems and people both internally and externally. Tenders, contracts, reports, email, chat sessions and comments, cases, drawings are captured quickly and accurately in order to be shared and acted upon. Once this information is managed in a centralised repository, it can then be put to use in the most effective way. Collaboration with third parties is made easy; from sole contractors through to large organisations.
Talk to eCom today about how we can quickly deploy our Engineering and Construction solution that you own, manage control.