Healthcare providers are transforming their business models to be more patient centric as they face the relentless issues of quality and cost. Whether adopting electronic medical records or a new payment model or measuring outcomes to demonstrate accountability, these changes are happening in a world that is awash with new information. While this presents a huge opportunity to optimise clinical and operational outcomes, many healthcare organisations are struggling to cope with the sheer volume and variety of data.
Optimal care and business outcomes require effective action based on careful analysis. However, over eighty five percent of organisational data is unstructured and often omitted from traditional analysis. This information is typically stored in silo’s; shared drives, departmental systems and in email systems.
The faster you can unlock data from all of your information sources, the more rapidly you will reveal actionable clinical and operational insights. With a fully integrated Enterprise Content Management platform (ECM) from eCom, healthcare providers can better capture, activate, analyze and govern content while connecting with their existing applications and systems.

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