Enhance customer acquisition processes and retention with eCom’s information management solutions for Insurance.
With an astutely applied enterprise content management platform, an insurance company can better manage content and case-based business processes as well as connect with applications and existing systems throughout their enterprise.
eCom’s Enterprise content management (ECM) and advanced case management solutions help insurance companies:

  • Automate core insurance processes such as new business / underwriting, policyholder servicing, claims processing, and policy issuance
  • Analyse, transform and streamline processes with case management and content analytics - to eliminate redundant procedures, improve accuracy, identify bottlenecks, improve knowledge workers productivity and provide comprehensive business analytics
  • Use content aware processes and consistent business information controls to support information lifecycle governance
  • Support new insurance product initiatives and improve new customer acquisitions and channel with agility and efficiency
  • Complement existing system environments to maximize technology investments and transform operations for improved business value

eCom’s ECM solution for insurance captures all content as it enters your company. Smart workflow solutions streamline content management during its lifetime. Knowledge workers can quickly access policy information online and immediately provide the information to customers and agents via phone or e-mail. Policyholders can receive an update on a claim, a new policy quote or details about their coverage in just minutes as opposed to hours or days.
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