Advanced Case Management

Case management unifies people, information, systems and processes to provide a 360-degree view of a case. In addition to content and business process management, case management uses advanced analytics, business rules, collaboration and social environments in a single intuitive user experience that is aimed at driving optimised case outcomes

Many organisations face case management challenges that require more collaboration, more insight and more responsiveness. Advanced case management integrates a range of capabilities that help close cases more efficiently and with better results – in essence, Advanced Case Management is a tool that helps you work smarter. What’s more, creating a case doesn’t require IT support, business analysts or developers. Users have a comprehensive range of tools at their disposal to quickly generate a case and invite participants to help and monitor progress.

Advanced case management helps companies optimize outcomes by extracting more value out of their information -- whether that’s a customer request, a loan application or complex industry or regulatory procedure. You can create the best case outcome by streamlining and automating the right processes, applying the right analysis and involving the right people.

Advanced case management strategies and solutions from eCom are designed to deliver key case management improvements; insight, responsiveness, flexibility, better customer service and regulatory compliance.

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