Enterprise Content Management

Use an eCom ECM platform to:

  • Reduce Costs – capture paper-based documents to digital and manage all electronic unstructured content in a single system
  • Gain Efficiencies – with a single source of truth, instant access to content from any device will streamline business processes across your organisation
  • Reduce Risks – improve quality, consistency and auditability, comply with business policies & regulations, and ensure content security
  • Create Value – improve business agility and optimise revenue by leveraging content across applications, business processes and departments

An eCom Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform is comprehensive, open, flexible, scalable and cost effective. With eCom’s ECM platform you can better manage your information as a strategic asset by integrating your content into your core applications, enabling business processes across your organisation and reducing your costs, lowering your risks while improving your business productivity and agility.

Industry research tells us that 85% of a modern organisation’s information is unstructured and largely unmanaged. We are seeing significant growth in the number and size of documents, reports, images, audio & video files, presentations, social networking input as well as email being created, received and consumed throughout business. What is being done with this growing information resource? Gathering, managing and analysing this new information to extract real value from it is a major challenge.

Smart organisations are realising that centralising content on a single, scalable and robust ECM platform is an excellent way to gain value by simplifying information management and reusing content within processes. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then looking closely at an ECM system from eCom’s is a good idea:

  • Is your content spread across multiple shared drives, physical and offsite storage, email folders etc.?
  • Are your people spending too much time finding information?
  • Are you losing information or didn’t know you had it until it was gone?
  • Are you sure the information you do have is the latest version and is not duplicated?
  •  Do you leverage content across your applications, processes and departments in the most efficient manner?
  • Are you struggling with paper based documents and processes?
  • The consolidation and management of your structured and unstructured content to reduce costs and improve processes could be going better?
  • Are you compliant with your own and industry regulations?

With an eCom ECM platform you can ensure a consistent approach to up-time and SLA’s, back up, recovery and business continuity, records and retention policies, security etc.

Contact eCom today and we’ll work with you to transform your information management.