Modern business demands that people can use their mobile devices to access, manage and work with content at any time and from any geographic location. Done well, this new and personalised approach improves efficiency by extending the reach of vital information as an intelligent and responsive user experience.
eCom content management solutions recognise this modern requirement with tightly integrated mobility capabilities. As a solutions-driven approach, this new offering combines traditional and mobile work styles to support multiple use cases. Our open eCom platform seamlessly integrates with broader content management solutions and other core ECM capabilities to capture, activate, socialise, analyse and govern content. Furthermore, it delivers an intuitive web-based environment for application developers to quickly build custom solutions.
Mobility solutions from eCom address both unstructured and structured information to meet existing ECM business needs with seamless access to various content sources across multiple use cases: application processing, claims processing, electronic statements, bill presentment, invoice processing, report management and more.
With eCom's integrated mobility components, clients can easily tailor user experiences that will help businesses address customer care, quality assurance, workforce optimisation and other businesses initiatives.

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