Portals help organisations achieve their business goals with innovative ways of conducting business over the Internet. Portals have also become a universally accepted way of unifying information, people, processes and systems.

eCom specialises in both information centric and process centric portals supported by an effective collaboration strategy that draws on expertise in content management, business processes, application integration, automation, enterprise search, infrastructure and most importantly, user experience.

Information Centric Portals

Content, information, and knowledge are the core assets of a knowledge portal strategy. eCom can help you capture, archive, categorise, and manage these assets to increase productivity, improve communications, and enhance collaboration among teams.

In order to deliver relevant and personalised information to the right people at the right time, a knowledge centric portal needs:

  • A knowledge management business infrastructure, including taxonomy/information classification, metadata management, archives, and security
  • A centralized document/content management system that allows staff to search through all repositories maintained by your organization
  • Deployment of the knowledge portal technology platform

Process-Centric or Integration-Centric Portals

eCom design and deploy a portal infrastructure centered on a process engine that is the key to this type of portal. We also ensure that all of the other portal features and technologies are introduced and managed as one cohesive environment to support your business process requirements.

For each process-centric or integration-centric portal, eCom povides:

  • Integration-centric business infrastructure, including application/server-based portal framework, workflow engine, custom process templates, system connectors, and security tools
  • Centralised document/content management system that allows staff to integrate relevant content with the appropriate business process flows
  • Integration of existing and new layers of technologies within your organisation to achieve the most practical and cost-effective solution
  • Facilitation of the portal launch to ensure the portal is embraced by all user-communities within an organization

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