Social Content Management

Are you sociable?
Social content is contributing to the vast amount of unstructured information flowing through organisations today. Social content management provides content in context; ways of helping users share ideas, locate expertise and access relevant knowledge via professional social networks. It helps organisations create relevant content, put content in motion, solve problems easier and make better decisions faster.
Social content management for social business applications improves collaboration that can lead to faster task execution, increased business process effectiveness and more-confident decision making.
Integrating social tools with business applications improves the speed of common tasks by automating content related processes with triggers that access social collaboration applications or embedding social capabilities in content applications that have specific business requirements.
With Applications Case Manager for example, users can instantly connect to colleagues in real-time working on a case where, for example, a credit controller can provide critical business insights about a specific lending risk.
eCom can help you incorporate social content into a wider enterprise content management strategy in ways that can contribute to innovative product development, world class customer care, and improved workforce productivity.

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